Wednesday, January 20, 2010

two months old mom!

Where did the time go? Oh yeah, I was sleepwalking through it. It's all coming back to me in a caffeine induced haze!

We're loving it though. She's adorable, and truly pretty mild mannered so far. Now if only we could get her to realize she's supposed to sleep at NIGHT. I've tried everything to keep her up a bit more during the day. But I still get a floppy-limbed snoring baby in my arms while she's eating. Ahh well. It'll change at some point......right?

She gets gets a glass of wine. haha.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Houston, we have a growth spurt...

Wow, I'm amazed how much our not-so-little-anymore peanut can put down the food! She's always been a good eater, but this has reached all new levels of starving-dom.

Kinda gross, but funny--here's what happenend today:

Fed her only 2 hours after her last full and frantic "MUST EAT NOW" feeding.
And, as usual when burping her, she spit up a little.
She got a little frustrated that I wasn't putting the bottle back in her mouth right away. So before I could make a move to start feeding her again-- she started crying, and then licking the formula off her chubby little hands. ew. But also hilarious. The licks included snorting noises which only added to the hilarity of the while thing.

It went something like this.....
"Wahhh!!! WAHHH!!" **lick LICK LICK** "WAHHHHHH!!!!" *lick* "WAHHH!"

What did the helpful new mom do? I laughed, and watched the wah-lick cycle. (well for just a little bit :)

I think she's ready for a burrito.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas time is here

The first Christmas with the little peanut flew by in a sleep deprived blur. But somewhere we have pictures to document that we were in fact 1) there, and 2) awake (for most of it anyway).

Taryn met her cute little nieces and gave some of the biggest smiles I've seen when charlotte and Margaret were playing with her--- pretty damn adorable!

Typing with one hand while holding the munchkin takes special skills I've yet to master. So this will conclude my Xmas recap for now. Picture to come when i have use of BOTH arms.

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