Monday, September 13, 2010

Catch up

Ok, so yea, i'm behind.

the 30 second update? She's crawling like crazy, pulling up, walking while holding on to things, standing up with a wall near by, and waving at everything and anything that *might* wave back. She's a happy lil thing, and is going to keep us on our toes!

She's learned how to turn on the CD player, take out the CD, and change the radio stations. (why did i show her how to do this again?) And she's figured out the air cleaner too. Do you think she does taxes??

As these few last days of summer go by, we're trying to squeeze in long walks, and trips to any kind of outdoor outing possible. Last week was the zoo. Although she was still way more interested in the people at the zoo than the critters it was a lot of fun.

This week? Maybe Navy pier or milennium park :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just when you think...

they can't get any cuter to you, somehow they do. Post worthy? Maybe not. But some days it's just watching the little things that make your day.

love, love, love.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two different gestures. One amazing day.

It's days like this that make me glad i'm home and not working.

Late this afternoon, I was sitting with her and getting distracted by the news on tv while holding her pacifier in my hand. Suddenly she reached forward, grabbed it out of my hand and promptly popped it right in her mouth. I immediately looked at her since i was so surprised, and she gave me this sweet little grin and giggle. Like she was just as surprised at what she did, as i was. So amazing.

Then tonight as i was putting her to sleep, I had my hands dangling over the edge of the crib. Usually she puts her hands at her side, or behind her head to get comfy and ready for for sleep. She usually looks at me, but doesn't reach out, doesn't interact too much. But tonight, she took her left hand and very deliberately reached out and grabbed my hand and held it. Then with her other hand, she pulled out the pacifier out of her mouth and held it there so she could smile and talk to me. Truly amazing. Our little baby is turning into a people. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giggle Fest 2010*

*the giggle inducer cannot be held responsible for the stupid looks, noises, coos or chortles necessary to induce said gigglefest 2010.

6 months

Six months came and went as we were heading up to MI. She's amazing and changing every day. And I swear she gets longer while she sleeps! (note the toe poking through the onesie in the pic--this is a common theme) She seems so big all of the sudden. Pretty soon she'll have her learner's permit, right?

Teething is of course, in full swing. So all things are either licked, bitten or gnawed on at any given moment. This is especially fun in gas station bathrooms on road trips! Ahh, just think of the immunity she's building up with every mouthful.... urp.

She's also starting to "get" things. She knows the sign for eat (of course, the girl loves food) and understands when we tell her to wait, etc. Guess that means we REALLY need to clean up the language eh?? oy. I'm afraid to think what her first word might be...

Monday, April 19, 2010

5 months?!

Can't believe it's been that long already. The time really is flying by. She is laughing and grabbing everything and really getting that she can DO things and make things happen--very cute to see the expressions on her face change when she makes the connection that she pressed the button on her toy that made it light up.

The other big update--eyebrows. :) She didn't really have anything but dents til about 3 days ago. Then suddenly the dents got bright pink and VOILA! eyebrows were there the next morning. That must be why she naps so hard--she's busy apparently.... making eyebrows.

If you click on the photo below to make it larger, you can see what she's accomplished this week, lol

Friday, April 2, 2010

Slacker mom

I've been slackin in the posting dept, but wanted to put up a quick video of the peanut in action. She changes so much everyday that it's hard to keep everything up to date.

Last week she rolled from her tummy to her back for the first time, and looked very surprised after it happened. She still hasnt done back to tummy, but she's getting very close.

The other big thing? she now sleeps in her CRIB. SHHHH, be verwy quiet....i don't want to jinx it. But so far, she seems to like it! And matt and i are liking not having the little snorfle queen making so much noise during the night.

The video is about a week old. Seems like her noises change so often that i'm glad we're catching all of the weird stages on video.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Key west

Taryn had her first trip last month--down to Key west! She was a tropper on the plane, and in the car for the 4 hour trip down there. She really is pretty chill and patient (when she's not hungry of course)

It was colder than we had hoped, but great to be able to get out with her a bit. We were able to take her out to dinners, lunches and walks pretty easily--except for one major meltdown in a very echo-y tiled bathroom (my apologies to all of those in south florida that heard her screams from 314 duval street). oy! The girl has some LUNGS. :)